Lighting for Rustic Interiors

by Hind Lighting on May 29, 2021


The word "Rustic" means something made in simple fashion. Rustic Design in interiors has a lot to do with the materials that one uses to determine the vibe of the space. Using rugged, earthy elements create a warm and welcoming design Wood and stone being very classic materials fits perfectly for a rustic style interior.


So how do you narrow down the lighting and decor of such a space?

Though the combinations could be endless, here are a few techniques we can recommend on what kind of lighting brings the best out of the space. And how lights can be used to blend in with the space or stand out.

Lighting Techniques :

    1. Spot downlight lighting effect > Spread type lighting for Residential Rustic Interiors.

      Spot downlighers will create specific pockets of light wherever we want it. Compared to spread lightings of profile lights, LED strips or tube lights, the light of which kind of envelopes the space in uniformity.

      Downlighter lights always brings out the details in the material used in the walls, floors and furniture. Owing to the its narrower beam angles (10° to 80°) and overhead position the ambient lighting will now have more concentrated amount of lights falling on the materials. More light on the floors/furniture better the visuals and details of the component material will be seen. This would be ideal for rustic interiors.



      Click this to reach this 180° swivel surface spot


    2. Diffused - Accent Lighting a must !

      As we know lighting works in layers. Have a look at out layers of lighting blog to understand this more. But we cannot stress more on the fact that where there is a lot of wooden in the interiors or warm colour palette in the furnishings an accent lighting like - Led strips in cove light, curtain grazer profiles, even table lamps add depth and more warmth in the room. It can work to make the interiors subtle and soft for the evening mood vibe, which can be needed in stone or wooden based interiors.

    3. Reach out us to get this product details.
    4. Warmer Colour Temperatures :

      A range of  1800 kelvin to 3500 kelvin is considered ideal.




 See how the colour temperatures make the wood and the interiors look & feel different click the picture to see the trimless downlight.

  1.  Decorative Lighting Guide :

      1.  The Rustic interior compliments a large variety of lights. Plain black metal, jute and fabric are very common materials for rustic decor. Creating a warm colour palette, makes the decor comforting .


      2.  One can even compliment rustic interiors with Raw, industrial, or Steam punk light fixtures to enhance the earthy and strong vibe of the place. Light Fixtures like- Mason Jars with 2700K filament bulbs or Steam punk chandeliers are a good choice.

      3. One can even move to the opposite end of the spectrum and keep their light fixtures delicate and soft, contradicting the rough interiors to bring a subtlety to the room.

        DM us to enquire about these sustainable fabric lights

Soft Fabric shades with beige and white tones as well as boho lamp shades area good go-to option for rustic spaces. Keeps the tone earthy but the vibe of the place soft.

Article by - Tushar Bhala, Sight Light Design 

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